FINDING NEMO Director Andrew Stanton Has A Sequel Idea And Pixar Likes It

Pixar looks to be going forward with another a sequel to one of their classic animated features. This time it is a follow up to Finding Nemo.

Deadline is reporting that the original Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton has come up with a sequel idea and the studio likes it enough to start active development on it. Of course, Pixar declined to comment on the report.

So how should we view this development? Is Stanton making a retreat back to animation after the critical and box office drubbing that his live action feature film debut John Carter took earlier this year? Probably not, as Deadline is also reporting that Disney is still looking for another project for Stanton. Are they considering what happened with John Carter a one-off fluke on a winning track record that goes back all the way to the first Toy Story animated film? Or is it their way of apologizing for screwing up the marketing on the film?

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