Might ANT-MAN Start Production Early Next Year?

When Marvel Studios screened some test footage shot by director Edgar Wright for an adaption of the superhero Ant-Man at the San Diego Comic Con a few weeks back, it was the first visible movement we had seen on the project in some time. And since then there has been speculation as to when the film might actually take the next step and get into active production.

There is now a new report floating around that Ant-Man will go before cameras early next year in the same London studio that is currently hosting Marvel’s Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World, shooting. This would certainly allow the film to be released in 2014, a timeframe that Marvel’s co-president Louis D’Esposito has already hinted at.

This certainly lines up with what we know about director Wright’s current workload. He is now in the process of prepping The World’s End, his third comedy collaboration with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. That should begin shooting sometime in the four or five weeks. That would place production concurrent with Dark World. Furthermore, Pegg has tweeted that Wright would move on to Ant-Man after World’s End.

Now it should be noted that the original source for this story is Latino Review, who usually have a good track record with stories out of Marvel Studios. However, Latino Review recently was on the receiving end of a letter from Marvel politely threatening them to give up the name of the source for their scoops. Latino Review rightly refused to do so. I would suggest that there is a remote possibility that Marvel internally floated the Ant-Man shooting date to a small number of people in the hopes that Latino Review’s source would inadvertently reveal him or herself. As you know, the best way to disguise a lie is to cloak it in the truth. I’m not saying that this is probably the case with this news, but it is something to keep in the back of one’s mind until we get some independent collaboration.

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