Some Plot Spoilers For Woody Allen’s San Francisco Film Have Leaked

Woody Allen has always been one for keeping the plots of his films fairly under wraps while filming. But while he is currently working away on his latest, and still untitled, project in San Francisco, the SF Appeal‘s reportage on the filmmaker coming to town included the following bit of story detail-

[A] romantic comedy film about a woman trying to make it on a budget when she moves to San Francisco after her posh New York City lifestyle comes crashing down, according to the San Francisco Film Commission… The film commission said the movie is about a wealthy woman who finds herself broke and in San Francisco, living with her sister and downsizing her life. She eventually meets a man in the Bay Area who could solve her financial problems, but she first needs to discover who she is and, more importantly, accept San Francisco as her home.

Very intriguing, especially when you consider that Allen’s films usually are driven by their characters’ neuroses rather than any particular circumstance that they find themselves in. Think of the leads in Annie Hall, Manhattan or even his more recent work like Match Point, Vicky Christina Barcelona or his latest To Rome With Love. Those stories have all been dictated by their characters more so than the circumstances surrounding them and that has given them a certain timeless quality that transcends whatever decade Allen happened to make them in. But this story seems very much tied to current events, specifically the recent economic downturn that has impacted most Americans’ lives in one way or another. Could this be a shift we are seeing in Allen-the-writer? The answer might not be readily apparent until we see this film when it gets released next year, and quite possibly not even for a few more films over the next several years.

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