Carnahan’s Sizzle Reels Showcase Unrealized Potential Of His Unmade DAREDEVIL Reboot

At this point it appears as if Twentieth Century Fox’s plans to take a second attempt at a Daredevil franchise are pretty much dead and the studio is resigned to letting the rights revert back to Marvel in October. The last director that was working on the project was The A-Team helmer Joe Carnahan and he was the one who confirmed that the project was pretty much dead at Fox yesterday.

But Carnahan wasn’t finished with talking about the now moribund project. He also tweeted out the two “sizzle reels” that he assembled to give Fox execs an idea of the type of feel he was going to go for if they gave him a greenlight for the project. And after watching them, I think you’ll agree that it looks like Carnahan was going to bring the equivelent of Frank Miller’s often imitated but never quite duplicated gritty classic run on the comic book character to the big screen in a way that recalls the gritty crime dramas of the 1970s. Take a look and you’ll probably recognize shots from Taxi Driver, The Warriors and others mixed in with a few shots from 2003’s Daredevil. Note: the second reel contains a bit more violence, which Carnahan has labeled as “NC-17.”

The ball’s in your court now Marvel.

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