Universal Planning A SNOW WHITE Sequel Without Snow White

What kind of sign is it when the titular character of a hit movie is suddenly being dropped from the sequel? Probably not a good one, but that is just what Universal is doing with their planned follow-up to Snow White And The Huntsman. The Hollywood Reporter has broken the story that Snow White herself, Kristen Stewart, is being dropped from the project in order for filmmakers to concentrate on a story centering on Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman character.

With the film now “being reconceived as a spinoff movie,” the studio will be abandoning the script work already done by David Koepp, who is reportedly being settled out of his contract. It is unclear if the studio will bring Koepp back to pitch a story for this new direction. It is also currently unclear as to whether director Rupert Sanders will be back for this second installment with the Reporter stating that they only have once source that would confirm that.

Originally, the studio had been looking to do a pair of sequels to the film before spinning the Hemsworth’s Huntsman character off to his own solo film.

Universal didn’t have an official comment for the Hollywood Reporter, saying through a spokeswoman only that “The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise.”

There is no indication as to whether Stewart’s recent tabloid appearances over the revelation that she had an affair with the married Sanders has anything to do with this change in direction. Hemsworth recently has had his box office clout bolstered by The Avengers so it is possible that the studio could be looking to cash in on that. But until someone were to actually state that this was a cause for the change, we’ll leave it to the rumor mongers to traffic in.

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