Disney Eyeing A ROCKETEER Remake

Whenever someone presses me for a list of the best comic book-to-film adaptations, Disney’s 1991 The Rocketeer always finds its way somewhere near the top. (The picture above is actually taken from my personal Facebook page.) Director Joe Johnston’s adaptation of Dave Steven’s indie comic homage to 30s pulp thrills may not have scored big at the box office but it certainly found an appreciative audience via home video. Perhaps that is why the studio is reportedly considering remaking the film.

According to what Vulture is hearing from unnamed sources at the studio, executives are thinking that a new version of the film might help reverse the studio’s overall sagging financial fortunes of late. (Disney may have made some money with The Avengers but they took some big losses on John Carter and has a hefty investment in the upcoming The Lone Ranger that is not guaranteed a return.) Vulture speculates that the interest in remaking the film stems from the Rocketeer sharing some very vague plot beats with Iron Man.

It sounds like a flimsy reason to remake a film, but there have probably been flimsier. But honestly, I don’t see how they could possibly top Johnston’s original. Of course, this sounds as if they’re in the “just talking about it” phase. We’re still a long way off from hiring writers, getting a script worth shooting and the studio giving the greenlight.

But in the meantime, Disney, might I make a suggestion? Since they are both under one corporate roof, how about a World War Two-set Rocketeer – Captain America crossover movie? Pretty please? And since Johnston has directed both, I think I know who to ask to head such a film up.

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