Amazon Offering AVENGERS Free To Those Who Had PHASE ONE Order Cancelled

Well, the headline pretty much sums the story up, but to expand on it a bit – If you pre-ordered from Amazon the now-cancelled Marvel Studios’ Phase One Box Set featuring DVDs or blu-ray’s of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, the studio is making it up to you by offering you a free copy of The Avengers on blu-ray.

The set was cancelled earlier this month as it’s packaging was too similar to a German luggage manufacturer’s style of briefcase. Marvel had received permission to use the briefcase in their films, but had not secured permission to use the design for the box set packaging. They were subsequently sued for copyright infringement.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that the online retailer has been sending out emails to those who had their orders cancelled with a special code that they can use to order the replacement blu-ray.

I have to give Amazon, Marvel or whomever’s idea this was some serious respect for this move. It is certainly costing them some money, but is a move that will hopefully placate those who did pre-order. It also gets a copy of the film into their hands without them feeling like they might be double-dipping later next year when Marvel finally releases their revamped box set.

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