Will There be A Surprise X-MEN Cameo In WOLVERINE?

It seems as if there might be mutant superhero making an appearance in the upcoming X-Men franchise prequel The Wolverine that we weren’t really expecting.

News of the cameo comes from We Got This Covered and since they haven’t really established themselves with a track record for this sort of thing, we might be able to take this report with a grain or two of salt. However, just to be safe, if you do want to avoid spoilers for the film, I would suggest turning back now.

It is possible that Hugh Jackman’s Logan, aka the titular Wolverine, will be meeting up briefly with his future X-Men team mate and love interest Jean Grey.

Famke Janssen to cameo as Jean Grey in The Wolverine… we’ve learnt that Famke Janssen flew into Sydney last week to shoot a cameo for the film.

Interesting and probable, to say the least. Currently Famke is not in production on any film. Her latest, Bringing Up Bobby is just releasing, so the only work she has been doing is PR support for that. And let’s face it, it would be nice to Janseen get to reprise her rold of Jean Grey, especially given how disappointing her character’s storyarc was resolved in the less-than-stellar X3: The Last Stand.

Also, having a character from the main X-Men franchise showing up in this prequel only seems fair considering Jackman’s Wolverine cameoed in the last X-Men film, X-Men: First Class. When comics writer Mark Millar was recently brought on by the studio to serve as a creative consultant for their superhero movies he did state that he wanted them to feel as if they could be part of Marvel Studios’ interconnected cinematic universe. Perhaps this is the first step in that process? I can definitely see Twentieth Century Fox exercising a little bit of quid pro quo to help tie the various strands of their X-Men franchise together. Since there are reports circulating that the studio would love to bring back some of the principals from the original X-Men trilogy – specifically Jackman, Janssen, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen for the First Class sequel Days Of Future Past, whatever bit Janssen may have filmed may have been a tease for that to be added onto the tail of Wolverine.

I suppose we will learn more before The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013.

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