Is Matthew Vaughn In Talks To Direct STAR WARS: EPISODE 7?

We don’t know much concrete about Disney’s announced Star Wars: Episode 7* but we do know that if they expect to make their announced 2015 release, they will have to start nailing down key creator positions relatively quickly.

To that end, Collider thinks that they have an idea as to who might occupy the most important jobs of all on the film – the director. The website is reporting from unnamed sources within Lucasfilm/Disney that Kick Ass and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn may be in talks to helm the first of the new trilogy. The site stated that they have not yet been able to verify the story with a second source and as such should be considered a rumor at this stage.

But taking a look at what may be circumstantial evidence and a convincing case starts to emerge.

Two weeks ago, Vaughn abruptly dropped out of directing X-Men: Days Of Future Past, the follow up to his X-Men: First Class. It seemed like a bit of a head scratcher of a move at the time. The studio was happy enough with his work on First Class and presumably was giving him more of a free hand to proceed with the sequel than they might have done on First Class. That freedom was potentially further expanded with the news that notorious micromanager studio chief Tom Rothman was leaving.

The stated reason for Vaughn’s departure was so that he could move over to reteam with the co-creator of the Kick Ass comic book series, Mark Millar, on another Millar comics-based project Secret Service. But is it possible that Vaughn was actually just freeing up his scheduled? Would you drop what ever you are working on for the chance to direct a Star Wars movie?

For right now, let’s consider this all conjuncture, though. There’s lots of rumors flying around and we’ll have the truth eventually.

Via Collider.

*Man, that’s still a weird group of words to write.

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