Do you have a dream of appearing in a Marvel Studios film? Are you a big fan of Captain America? And do you have well more than $1,600 in expendable funds in your bank account? Then you are in luck, because your dreams quite possibly might come true.

There is an auction up on charity site, Charity Buzz, which will allow a lucky winner and a friend of his or her choosing the opportunity to win a walk-on role on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The auction will benefit Toluca Baseball, the little league baseball organization based out of Toluca Lake, California.

The roles are non-speaking and are not guaranteed to make it into the final cut of the film. The walk on roles come with a set visit (naturally) and a meet and greet with whatever cast members are filming during the time of your visit (which can be scheduled from April 2 to June 30, 2013). You will also be responsible for your own airfare, transportation and lodging.

As of this writing, there is 20 days left to the auction and the highest bid on the site is for $1,600. However, the estimated value of the package is $10,000. so don’t expect the price to stay that low for very long.

This auction calls to mind another time when ordinary folk like you an me got the opportunity to share the spotlight with Cap. If you were reading comics back in 1985, then you might remember the ad to the left. Yes, Marvel did an open cattle call for cast members for the Captain America musical. While the current auction is open to anyone with sufficient funds to bid, as you can see, the 1985 musical only wanted tween girls who could act, sing and dance.

As we all know, the Captain America musical ran for a year and a half, won 5 Tony Awards and 7 Drama Desk trophies, and is currently being revived on Broadway. Wait. Sorry, that’s The Mystery of Edwin Drood, which opened in December of 1985. The Cap musical never made it into production. I guess people shied away from the prospect of investing $4 million in a show where Cap’s biggest foe would be middle age (I am not kidding).

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