Jason Flemyng Seems To Think That Matthew Vaugh Is Indeed Up For Directing STAR WARS 7

When word first broke of Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and the plan to start producing a new trilogy of Star Wars films, one of the first people rumored to be in consideration for the daunting assignment of directing one of the films was Matthew Vaughn. His name was quickly drawn out of consideration though, by his frequent collaborator, writer Mark Millar, stating that the two were trying to move fast and get another project into motion before any imitators beat them to it.

But might Millar be back in the mix? Actor Jason Flemyng seems to think so. Flemyng has worked on, by his count, nine films that Vaughn has either directed or produced and so probably has a good report with the director. While doing the red carpet thing, Flemyng was asked about the upcoming trilogy and answered in a way that definitely implied that Vaughn would be the one behind the camera calling the shots.

Honestly, I think the veracity of this one is open to interpretation. Flemyng could be telling the truth or he could just be goofing around a bit, it is hard to tell from his demeanor. For right now, I am going to place it in the “Possible” column. But if he did let slip with the truth, where does that leave The Secret Service, the project he and Millar were so keen to get moving on?

I imagine that Disney won’t wait to make an announcement once they have finally inked a deal with whomever they decide to go with, so hopefully we’ll have an answer to all of this speculation soon.

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