Disney Mulling Over A ROGER RABBIT Sequel Script

Ever since it was a box office smash in the summer 1988, people have been wondering when there would be a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Disnet execs have been wondering too, as a follow-up to the live action and animation hybrid has been in some form of development on and off for the last two-and-a-half decades or so. (You can read our coverage of most of that development here.) But now it seems as if the studio is close to actually giving a sequel the green light.

In an interview with MTV, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? director Robert Zemeckis stated that Disney is currently evaluating a screenplay for a sequel.

I’m happy with the script. It’s very good. It’s written by the original writers, and it’s good. [But Disney] is still thinking about it.

This is probably the screenplay he mentioned that he was developing back in 2009.

Zemeckis was secretive about this latest attempt’s storyline, only saying that like the original it would be a period piece. He did say that the film would also again be a combination of live action and hand-drawn animation and eschew computer-generated animation.

If I were to do the sequel, it would be done just like the first one. It would look the same way, but we would present it in 3-D in its release. I would do all of the animation hand-drawn; 2-D, but using 3-D tools. It wouldn’t be like Pixar 3-D. It wouldn’t look like that.

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