Del Toro Starting Work On PACIFIC RIM Sequel

Guillermo Del Toro may have already set up his next project once he finishes next summer’s Pacific Rim, but he is not leaving that world’s giant robots and monsters behind. The director has been asked by Warner Brothers to start development on a sequel, even though it will still be seven months before the first box office receipts indicate whether one is warranted.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Del Toro will be working with Pacific Rim’s initial screenwriter Travis Beacham to craft a script for a Part 2.

Of course at this point, it is unclear as to whether Del Toro would return to the director’s chair for the hypothetical sequel, though he would undoubtedly at least hold a producer’s credit. He is definitely set to do his haunted house project Crimson Peak as his next film in early 2014 and has a number of other projects in development. His participation will come down to his schedule, how quickly Warners would like the sequel in theaters and possibly how much the studio might be willing to pay Del Toro to postpone further some of his other projects.

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