Will JUSTICE LEAGUE’s Plot Be Taken From 3 1980 Comic Books?

Latino Review’s El Mayimbe’s rumors don’t always come true, but they are always too juicy to completely ignore.

Today the blogger came up with the scoop that Will Beale’s script for Justice League is taken from a very specific source material–issues 183, 184 and 185 of the Justice League of America , originally published in 1980.

Those issues were another installment of the yearly team-up the group had with their World War II-era counterparts, the Justice Society of America. Since often times these team-ups involved a third party, both teams joined together with the Jack Kirby created New Gods to fight against plot by New Gods baddie Darkseid to destroy the Earth and put his homeworld, Apokolips, in its place.

Fans of DC’s Golden Age heroes or the then-JLA member Firestorm might be letting of a little “hooray” that their favorite characters might be introduced on the screen, I’d like to remind you that while the Batman films done by Christopher Nolan often introduced elements and plot points taken directly from the comic books, none of them adapted the source material point for point. While us getting a look at the New Gods on the big screen seems logical due to their close connection with Darkseid, I’d imagine the Justice League lineup will feature DC’s most iconic characters and, since there will be quite a number of characters being introduced, the JSA will not be making the trip to the big screen.

If you wish to read these issues, they were recently collected with other JLA/JSA team-ups in the Crisis on Multiple Earths, Volume 5  trade paperback, on sale at better comic book shops and bookstores everywhere or you can buy it here..

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