HayleyAtwellCaptainAmericaOne of the more heartbreaking moments in recent comic book adaptations comes in 2011’s Captain America when at the end of the film Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) discovers that he has been frozen for some seven decades and that he has missed his date with the lovely Army Officer Peggy Carter, played by Haley Atwell. As the release of the Captain America sequel, The Winter Soldier, is still over a year away, there has still been some speculation as to whether she would be appearing in the film.

Atwell has put that speculation to rest in an interview with Time Out as she was out promoting her appearance in the forthcoming BBC adaptation of William Boyd’s espionage novel Restless

She won’t, she confirms, be back for the [Captain America] sequel, which moves the action into the present day.

Not too surprising, though there was a slight chance that Atwell’s character could have come back for the new film if there were any flashback’s to Cap’s days fighting in World War Two. Of course, her absence in no way precludes the possibility of flashbacks however.

Of course, this leaves Cap open to finding a new love. In the comics, modern day Cap has had an on-again, off-again romance with Peggy’s niece Sharon Carter. (Originally, Sharon was Peggy’s younger sister but as “current day” comics continuity stretched further and further from World War Two, their familial relationship has changed. I’m sure someday soon, Sharon will become Peggy’s grand-niece.)

Reportedly, the likes of Emilia Clarke, Jessica Brown Findlay, Teresa Palmer, Imogen Poots and Alison Brie have all tested for The Winter Soldier‘s lead role though no announcement as to who may have won the part has been made yet.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to start shooting this March for a April 4, 2014 release.

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