It is good to see that we have progressed in the Guardians of the Galaxy casting rumors to cover other characters in the film other than Star-Lord. Although, another prospect for Star-Lord is also in the mix. claim that its sources state that another actor is in the mix for Star-Lord and that we now have our first three finalists for the role of Drax the Destroyer.

Let’s start with Star-Lord:

John Krasinski

New York Premiere of "Promised Land" at AMC Loews Lincoln SquareFeaturing: John KrasinskiWhere: New York City, New York, United StatesWhen: 04 Dec 2012Credit: WENN.comNationality: American.

Where Do I Know Him From?: He has starred as Jim Halpert in the hit NBC sitcom The Office for the last seven years.

Yeah, but is he in anything now?: The Office and Promised Land, a film which opened in wide release today which his stars and co-wrote.

What am I supposed to think about this actor?: Krasinski’s joining recent additions such as Zachary Levy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Michael Rosenbaum to the Star-Lord casting rumor carousel seems to indicate that director James Gunn is moving away from the classic, action film  leading man types that the first round of candidates were mostly composed of and moving towards a more acerbic, every man type for the role.

But does he have geek cred?: He was briefly rumored to be up for the role of Captain America a couple years ago, if that counts.


Now onto the three prospects for Drax the Destroyer. To refresh your memory, Drax is Arthur Douglas, an Earth man who was killed by Thanos and had his spirit put into the body of an unstoppable killing machine.

Isiah Mustafa

eye-candy-isaiah-mustafa-9Nationality: American.

Where Do I Know Him From?:He starred in a very successful string of ads for Old Spice a few years ago.

Yeah, but is he in anything now?: He has had a role in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family and The Three Stooges and guest spots on a number of TV shows after his run as Old Spice pitchman ended.

What am I supposed to think about this actor?: Think of him as a Hollywood success story in the making. Think of him as a heartthrob your date will gawk at while you watch the movie. Or think of him as a comic fan whose dream might be coming true.

But does he have geek cred?: Hell yes! Mustafa has admitted in interviews to being a comic book collector and has made it known in no uncertain terms that if Marvel ever make a Luke Cage movie, that he wants to play him. I guess his persistence is paying off.

Brian Patrick Wade

brian wadeNationality: American.

Where Do I Know Him From?: If you are a celebrity in Hollywood, perhaps as your personal trainer? Otherwise, his highest profile role was in 2006’s The Guardian and a quasi-reoccuring role on The Big Bang Theory.

Yeah, but is he in anything now?: He does guest spots on a number of TV shows, including The Glades and NCIS: Los Angeles.

What am I supposed to think about this actor?: Um, I really can’t help you out there. I have absolutely no knowledge about his skills as an actor. Or as a trainer, for that matter.

But does he have geek cred?: He was on The Big Bang Theory, but that shouldn’t count.

Dave Bautista


Nationality: American.

Where Do I Know Him From?: Bautista wrestled as Batista in the WWE for a number of years.

Yeah, but is he in anything now?: He played Brass Body in last year’s The Man with the Iron Fists and will play a mercenary in this year’s Riddick.

What am I supposed to think about this actor?: Bautista is the latest in a long line of professional wrestlers who are trying to make the leap to film work. He seems to be following the path set by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson–star in supporting roles in high profile projects with an eye on bigger roles down the road.

But does he have geek cred?: His biggest roles to date have been in a kung-fu movie and a sci-fi epic, two genres that have a big geek following. A number of pro wrestlers are comic fans, but I have no idea if Bautista is one himself.

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