GODZILLA News Roundup: Casting, New Writer, Producers And More

GodzillaMan did the news this morning of the new American Godzilla remake getting a start date really shake loose more news about the film. Let’s break it down into bullet points –

  • First off, before cameras start rolling in March 14th in Vancouver and Hawaii (as clarified by Aint It Cool), the project’s script will be getting one last going over from Frank Darabont. This is, of course, very good news. (Via Deadline.) Previously, Drew Pearce, Max Borenstein and David Goyer had all worked on the screenplay.
  • With the screenplay still being worked on, there are no formal offers out to actors to appear in the film. However, last fall the studio did talk with Joseph Gordon-Levitt but he passed back in late November/early December. (Via Hollywood Reporter.)That isn’t to say that the studio and producers aren’t thinking about certain actors who they might approach. Variety’s Justin Kroll has heard a few of the names reportedly in contention –

    With the brass at the studio following the production of Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel which stars Cavill as Superman, their endorsement of him for Godzilla must be good news for Man Of Steel, right?

    McNairy is an interesting choice and he has worked with Edwards before, on the director’s debut film Monsters. Jones is also a good choice but is scheduled to start work on X-Men: Days Of Future Past a month after Godzilla is set to start so I don’t see him being able to take the job.

  • The departure of of producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee is a bit more acrimonious sounding that was initially reported. The Hollywood Reporter is stating that although the two were the ones who brought the project to Warner Brothers and financiers Legendary back in early 2010, Legendary was looking to reduce their producer’s fees. When Lin and Lee refused, Legendary began exercising a “pay-or-play” clause in their contracts to remove them from the project. It is possible that the dispute may end up in court, though I don’t think that it will impact the film getting made or released.
  • Signing on to the film as a producer is Mary Parent, who brings some giant monster experience with her having worked on Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Pacific Rim. (Via Deadline.)


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