Bruce Willis Back For SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR


The Sin City sequel news is coming at us fast and furious, and Robert Rodriguez has used an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival to announce that a big name from the original cast will be returning for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Rodriguez told MTV that Bruce Wills will be reprising his role as Hartigan, the good cop with a bad heart, for the sequel coming later this year.

This is intriguing because as anyone who saw the last film knows (SPOILER WARNING!!!!!) Willis’ character commits suicide in the last film. He took his own life to protect Jessica Alba’s character, Nancy, from the minions of Senator Rourke, seeking revenge for Hartigan’s killing of Rourke’s son in the first movie.

However, since one of the segments in the new film will deal with Nancy trying to escape from Rourke’s goons, perhaps that suicide plan wasn’t quite as effective as Hartigan thought. It would be logical that Hartigan would appear in this segment as a flashback or a memory of Nancy’s character. Also, due to the nature of the narrative structure of these films, another segment could be set when Hartigan was alive and he could be featured there.

Other notes from the interview states that the filming process on the film has begun three months ago. Due to the way the CGI imagery lends itself to having footage being assembled in a piecemeal fashion, Rodriguez is shooting the film as the actors become available. As a matter of fact, even though Ray Liotta’s, Jeremy Piven’s, and Juno Temple’s casting was just announced last week, their parts are already finished filming.

Rodriguez also said that the pivotal part of Ava Lord has yet to be cast, as the role is weeks away from being shot. One expects an announcement should be made soon with the actress cast.

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