Will One Of The STAR WARS Standalone Films Star Yoda?

YodaWe know that Disney is looking at their acquisition of Lucasfilm as a way to not only launch a new Star Wars trilogy but keep the franchise going beyond that with a new film every two to three years in perpetuity. We even know that while Michael Arndt is working on the screenplays for the new trilogy, Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are working on scripts for two of these possible standalone features.

Now we have another piece of the standalone film puzzle, as AintItCool is reporting that one of the films being developed centers around the character of Jedi Master Yoda. Harry doesn’t have any further information, not even whose script is the Yoda project, though my money would be on Kasdan’s.

Although some might dismiss Yoda as supporting character not capable of fronting a solo film, I think it is an inspired choice. With a centuries-long lifespan, there is a lot of Star Wars galaxy history where the story can be set. We could have a story about a young Yoda learning the ways of the Force as a fledgling padawan, Yoda mentoring a young Qui-Gon Jinn or even see him leading troops into battle during the Clone Wars. Hopefully, we won’t just get a two hour version of This Old Dagobah Mud Hut.

And since Yoda is a CG creation, he is a very practical choice to lead a movie. Barring recasting, a tricky proposition at best, time is the big enemy to revisiting past Star Wars characters in a new film. By the time this new trilogy is finished, Harrison Ford will be nearly 80. Is he going to want to do a Han Solo, errr, solo film at that point?

So what other characters migt be under consideration for their own feature? Harry seems to think that Lucas has been talking up a Jabba the Hutt film, which, with him also being a CG created character, would also fit in with some of the reasoning of going with Yoda for a standalone film.

We probably won’t be seeing these standalone films until after the new trilogy is complete, so look forward to seeing Yoda, Jabba or anyone else in action sometime after 2020 or so.

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