How Much Trouble Is JUSTICE LEAGUE Really In?


Do you ever have a friend who get in a relationship with a certain someone else, a relationship that is hot and heavy and quickly becomes serious? It even gets to the point where a date is set, a venue is picked out and flower girl is chosen, only to have it all get cancelled at the last minute? You think its all over between the couple but a few years later they start up again with a whirlwind of passion and you think that this time the relationship will finally be consummated only to have the friend get cold feet once again.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Warner Brothers and the Justice League film.

Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest  is quoting sources that Will Beall’s script for the Justice League film has been scrapped because it was too horrible for words. This follows on the heels the rumor that Warners was waiting to see how The Man of Steel did at the box office before going ahead with the film.

The poor script was listed as a reason why the project was having a hard time finding a director. It makes me wonder how the project could have gotten this far if the script was that bad.

This isn’t the first time script problems derailed a Justice League film. Back in 2007, George Miller got so far along in the development process that locations were scouted, costume designers hired, and the casting process had begun. However, the script needed tweaking and fixes to it were complicated by the Writer’s Guild Strike. While waiting for that to be resolved, Warners changed their mind to the approach to the film, and Miller’s version of it was dead in the water.

The trashing of Beall’s script throws this latest go round into a state of flux. They will have to go back to square one with the script, which makes the 2015 release date highly unlikely.

More on this as it develops.

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