Multiple Sources At Marvel Say PLANET HULK Not The Plan For Phase 3

SBSCOOPBANNER A defiant El Mayimbe stands outside of the Manhattan office building that is home to Marvel Comics. The journalist has been on a quest, a quest to avenge a fellow Latino Review reporter that Marvel Studios tried bully into giving up the source of his information. El Mayimbe went on the hunt for a scoop that would be bigger than the one the studio sent their attack dogs over, and he found it. And on this chilly Saturday morning he was about to film himself revealing it in front of the house of his hated enemy.

Only problem is, it’s not true.

In a video blog posted on Superbowl Sunday, El Mayimbe released what he said would be a huge spoiler as per the next six years of Marvel Studios films by detailing their plans for their Phase 2 and Phase 3. The next two phases of Marvel films would be an adaptation of the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk and would set Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk against the Avengers.


We, of course, reported it, and when we did, I listed a number of major obstacles that might stand in the way of this being true. One of the obstacles was the fact that Banner hardly appears in said comic book story lines, and as such would leave Ruffalo with little to do.

It appears that I was on to something there, because, yesterday, Beaks over at Ain’t It Cool News listed that as a the main reason given by his Marvel sources that El Mayimbe’s “scoop” was “1,000% inaccurate.”

While none of Beaks’ sources would say what Marvel’s plans for the Hulk or Phases 2 & 3 were, both sources Beaks talked to emphatically denied that Planet Hulk or World War Hulk played a part in any of them.

El Mayimbe does state in the post that ran with the video blog that Marvel would come out with a “fake denial” but what he had to say would turn out to be true. However, this is the same El Mayimbe who said that Black Panther would definitely be the second film Marvel would release in 2014. Well, unless it’s going to be renamed Guardians of the Galaxy, El Mayimbe was 100% wrong. And just under two weeks ago, he said that Jason Momoa was going to be Drax in Guardians, only to back away from the claim on Twitter  blaming Momoa’s agent for ruining what was a sure thing. So, his accuracy when it comes to Marvel Studios projects isn’t all that good.

Maybe we will see the Hulk fight the Avengers in Avengers 3. But the rumor didn’t seem likely to begin with, and the way Marvel is denying it makes it seem like it’s another thing El Mayimbe got wrong.

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