Sam Raimi Says He’ll Be Working On EVIL DEAD 4 Script This Summer

Just because the Evil Dead franchise is getting a reboot this April doesn’t mean that the original series starring cult favorite actor Bruce Campbell is done. Franchise creator Sam Raimi has hinted that if things work out, fans will be able to have their cake and eat it too.

While touring England to promote the release of his latest film Oz, The Great And Powerful, next week, the Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness director disclosed the following (as reported by the DisneyUK twitter) –

I am assuming that the brother being mentioned is Ivan, who was Raimi’s collaborator on the screenplays for Drag Me to Hell, the third Evil Dead film Army Of Darkness and Darkman. Although I wouldn’t be too surprised if his other brother Ted, who has appeared in a number of Sam’s movies and has done some directing on his own, would want to take a stab at writing also.

Now of course since this is just a short tweeted quote, there’s no follow-up so we don’t know how Raimi intends to differentiate the original series of films from the new reboot. In a year and a half’s time you don’t want people scratching their head over and Evil Dead 4 when there was just a numberless Evil Dead film in theaters.

Of course, the big thing to remember is that Raimi promised at the San Diego ComicCon in 2008 that he was going to be working with his brother Ivan on some ideas for an Evil Dead 4 around then and it seems as if nothing came from that writing session. Hopefully there will be better luck this time.

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