China To Get Exclusive, Different Cut Of IRON MAN 3


Iron Man 3 audiences in China will be seeing a different version of the film than fans around the rest of the world. It’s not due to any State censorship (for once), but a calculated move by Marvel Studios to appeal to the country’s audience.

Marvel announced to day that for China the third Iron Man film will boast more screentime for Chinese actor Wang Xueqi as well as an appearance by popular Chinese actor Fan Bingbing (who was just recently added to the cast of X-Men: Days Of Future Past).

Here’s Marvel’s press release –

Marvel Studios and DMG announced that a Chinese version of IRON MAN 3 will be released in China on a date to be announced in the near future. DMG, a Chinese media and entertainment company, collaborated with Marvel Studios on the Chinese elements in the film, and is marketing and distributing the film in China. While Marvel and DMG have decided not to apply for co-production status in China, the film includes significant Chinese elements. Renowned Chinese actor Wang Xueqi will appear in both the studio’s Chinese version of the film and in its international and domestic US version. Both versions of the film include Iron Man 3 footage filmed in Beijing in December. The Chinese version of the film will also feature a special appearance of China’s top actress, Fan Bingbing, and will offer specially prepared bonus footage made exclusively for the Chinese audience. Marvel Studios’ experience working on this film with Fan Bingbing and Wang Xueqi and in shooting in China has been very positive and has created a springboard for future collaboration with China’s talented stars and its growing film and television industry. The IRON MAN cast and filmmakers look forward to bringing IRON MAN back to China.

There is no official word if the material in the Chinese cut will make its way to blu-ray as a special feature, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to.

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