Kevin Smith Talks CLERKS III Writing Process And Let’s Slip A Possible Story Point

ClerksKevin Smith is currently deep in the writing the first draft screenplay for Clerks III, but he took a little time out earlier this weeky to do a Reddit AMA to talk about his progress on the project. And in doing so, he let slip a little something interesting that I think points to what the story that he is currently developing may be.

Status of CLERKS III is this…

I’m on page 95. That means there’s about 25 pages left to go. I’m in love with it and don’t want it to end, but the end is near regardless.

Dante. Randal. Jay. Silent Bob. They all return, naturally.

Elias. Becky. They’re back as well.

So is Veronica.

That would be Dante’s ex-girlfriend Veronica, played in the first Clerks film by Marilyn Ghigliotti and not seen since.

I had assumed that the plot of the third movie would pick up from the ending of Clerks II and explore how Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randall (Jeff Anderson)’s friendship is tested by their mutual ownership of the Quick Stop and the fact that Dante is now a father. But the addition of Veronica into the mix raises some interesting plot possibilities. Even at the best of times, Dante is a bit indecisive and tossing an old girlfriend into the mix is certainly not going to be helping things.

Of course, the film is far from being a fait accompli. Obviously the participation of stars O’Halloran and Anderson are key, and Smith stated that “both have said ‘Hit me with a script and we’ll see…’.” And I am sure that once he finishes the script and fire it off to them, he’ll be the first to tell us.

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