Tom Hiddleston: From Loki To THE CROW?

Tom-Hiddleston These days, an actor or actress starring in two or more comic book movies is becoming more and more common. Everyone from Scarlet Johansson to Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Evans to Idris Elba has more than one comic book film on their resume. Now, we might just have to add Tom Hiddleston to that list.

The English actor, who made such a memorable performance as Loki in Thor  and The Avengers, might be taking the lead in one of the most iconic heroes from the world of independent comics–The Crow.

The Wrap is reporting that the actor is in talks with producers of the remake of the 1994 Brandon Lee film, which in itself was an adaptation of James O’Barr’s 1988 graphic novel. The website even states that Hiddleston sent in a make-up test he did on his own in order to show his interest in the part.

Hiddleston follows Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg and James McAvoy, among others, who were rumored to be considered for the part.

Let me just say that I consider pretty much all remakes to be pointless. And second to the RoboCop remake, I consider The Crow remake to be the most pointless. But that being said, the idea of Tom Hiddleston in the lead role excites me. He’s a great actor, and one I think would bring a lot to the role. Hopefully, these talks go well and he gets the part.

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