Is Allison Williams In The Running For A Part In The FANTASTIC FOUR Film Reboot?

allison williamsWhen it comes to casting rumors for comic book films, it’s never too early for speculation. And if the forthcoming project is a reboot of a series that left a bad taste of comic book fans, that speculation will start sooner. Even if the genesis of the speculation is a throw-away comment made by a film website journalist.

That journalist is Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. In a small blurb about Allison Williams entering talks for the film Rosaline (her first starring role), Fleming casually mentions that the star of HBO’s Girls and daughter of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is on the short list for the Fantastic Four reboot. This, of course, starts sites such as and to wonder if she is being considered for Sue Storm,the Invisible Woman.

This is not that great of a leap. There is a dearth of female roles in the FF franchise, and I’d doubt Alicia Masters or Frankie Raye would be short list worthy. However, as Deadline points out, Williams has no lead film roles to her credit. Heck, she has no film roles to her credit, period. As a matter of fact, before Girls came along, her acting resume was a couple of web series and a handful of guest appearances.

But this could all play into the direction Fox is going with the reboot. If she is up for Sue Storm, Williams’ inexperience in big film roles could make her a cheap hire, while her being on a highly talked about TV series each week will bring a boatload of press with it. Could be a win/win from a budgeting standpoint.

Of course, she is only on the shortlist of a film that is still in the talking stages. We have no idea who else is on that short list, who else ranks above her, and if she will stay on the list when casting actually begins. But, as I said before, it’s never too early to speculate.

I will say this if Williams is actually up for the Invisible Woman: Really, Hollywood? You can’t find one blonde actress in all of Tinseltown who could make a run at this role? Really?

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