IRON SKY Sequel Turns To Crowdfunding

The Nazis who have been hiding on the dark side of the moon may be coming back to Earth, but they need your help!

Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola is turning to crowdsourcing to get a sequel to his lunar Fourth Reich cult hit Iron Sky.

But rather than rely on fans to fund the entire project, which Vuorensola admits will probably run about $15 million, he is hoping that he can raise enough to finance the project’s initial scriptwriting and pre-production phase for Iron Sky: The Coming Race. Writing on the project’s IndieGoGo fundraising page, Vuroensola states –

Our intention is to finance the whole film ourselves, using crowdfunding and soft money and any money that allows us to be completely independent, allows us to make and distribute the film exactly the way we believe it needs to be made.

In the first phase, we are looking to raise 150 000 from the community. This money will be used to produce a full script for the film, a clear production plan including a budget, and a four to five minute promo reel to help us with further funding. In exchange, we’ll let those who contribute to read the script, comment it, or even get a (small) speaking role in the upcoming promo.

Here’s Vuorensola’s IndieGoGo pitch video, which references a joke made at North Korea’s expense in the first film. Since Iron Sky had some strong political satire aimed at the United States and specifically Sarah Palin, will the sequel set its satirical sites on North Korea? We’ll see.

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