Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man and Jeremy Renner Will Be In AVENGERS 2

JossWhedon2Two were educated guesses that paid off. One was a no-brainer but yet still was in doubt. And the other was absolutely, positively not going to be involved and apparently, is.

Let’s start at the beginning. IGN happened to speak to Joss Whedon at the ABC upfronts, where he was promoting Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. They asked him point blank if the mutant siblings were the brother/sister act that he was referring to be appearing in Avengers 2 and the director confirmed that they were. Then he went on to tell us what he thought their appeal was.

You know, they had a rough beginning. They’re interesting to me because they sort of represent the part of the world that wouldn’t necessarily agree with The Avengers. So they’re not there to make things easier. I’m not putting any characters in the movie that will make things easier.

Add this to the rumor reported by SuperheroHype that Quicksilver is described as “Euro” and “edgy” by the studio and that Irish actress Saoirse Ronan is the prototype for the Scarlet Witch (which is probably causing Ronan’s agents to wonder why Marvel hasn’t called yet), it appears that the film version of the pair will be true to their European roots, although not quite as far to the east as the comics.

Whedon also spoke on Iron Man’s presence in the film. As you may know, the ending of Iron Man 3 left Tony Stark’s future quite up in the air. I’ll let Whedon spoil the ending to that film, and ease your fears about the character appearing in Avengers 2.

Well, I feel like in Iron Man 3, even though he said, ‘I’ve changed’ — he blew up his remote suits, but I don’t think anybody thinks he doesn’t have one anymore. The question is, if The Avengers are called, does he show up? And the answer is, ‘Yes!

So, there you have it. No word on who will be playing the character, however.

Finally, we have a rumor debunked by an unlikely source of comic book rumor debunking–Perez Hilton.

Last week, we reported on the rumor that Jeremy Renner’s complaining had gotten him dropped by Marvel. Hilton states that his sources say that rumor isn’t true and that Renner is still “very much a part of the Marvel family.”

I’m not a follower of Mr. Hilton, so I don’t know how good his sources are.  But the “Renner is gone” rumor should be consider to be in a holding pattern for the time being.

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May 21, 2013 5:26 am

Well this is pretty rewarding news. Whedon has always maintained that ALL The Avengers in the first film will be returning. However if he does add QS and SW into the mix that does make that a pretty big roster for one film. Hawkeye got short shrift and that was with only six (possibly seven if you include Fury) members.

It makes me wonder if QS and SW are actually part of the team or introduced as antagonists to start with.