New Trailer For THE WOLVERINE Gives Logan A Reason To Die

the-wolverine-posterIf you were like me, when you saw early trailers for The Wolverine, you couldn’t understand why Logan would want to have his healing factor removed. The latest trailer for the film, included below, gives us a reason. And that reason is Jean Grey.

The new clip shows a tormented Logan, still haunted by his killing of Grey in X-Men: The Last Stand. Hence the reason he has become a recluse, took on a Howard Hughes circa 1974 appearance, and why he would want to end it all.

It is of some interest that X-Men: The Last Stand is referenced here, as one of the prevailing X-Film rumors is that Bryan Singer will retcon it our of existence with X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In addition to Jean Grey making an appearance, the trailer will have moments that will make comic book fans happy (like the Silver Samurai showing up in armor similar to his comic book version) and not-so-happy (what’s the deal with the Viper’s tongue?).

The Wolverine will be appearing in theaters July 23.

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