ROYAL AFFAIR Director Nikolaj Arcel To Bring FABLES To Big Screen

FablesDC/Vertigo’s critically acclaimed fantasy series Fables is taking another run at the big screen. Danish director Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) has just been hired to translate the comic book series onto the big screen. Jeremy Slater has been picked to write the screenplay.

The series of graphic novels centers on a group of fairy tale characters – Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, King Cole, Boy Blue, etc. – who are refugees from their own magical realms now living in hiding in Manhattan. Early volumes of the series focused on the fables’ preparations
for an inevitable conflict with the enemy that drove them from their homes and the mystery surrounding that enemy’s identity. It is easy to see why the two producers behind the Harry Potter franchise, David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford of Heyday Films, are the ones putting this project together.

A previous attempt was made to bring Fables to the big screen back in 2004 with the Jim Henson Company, but it never even got as far as having a screenplay written. In 2008, ABC looked to develop the comic into a television series. When the network discovered that the characters were public domain, they went on to create their own fairy tales-in-the-modern-world series Once Upon A Time in-house.

This won’t be Slater’s first comic book assignment, having already worked on Twentieth Century Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot.

Via Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog.

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