Two New Jackie Chan Projects Unveiled


Even though he looked as if he were going to retire from action films, Jackie Chan certainly seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. Last month it was reported that he would be in Sylvester Stallone’s all-action star franchise sequel The Expendables 3 and this weekend that the star will be appearing in more

This weekend, Chinese studio Huayi Brothers announced two new films that would star Chan. According to the Hollywood Reporter –

Chan will be producing and starring in the tentatively-titled Manhattan, a film which sees the Hong Kong star playing “a dark hero” who “converses with love and hate,” according to a statement released at a press conference in Shanghai on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Wolf Flag (a tentative Chinese title for the second proejct) will see Chan star in a “mournful ode concealed in the stricken desert.”

Huayi Brothers are the ones who produced Chan’s recent Chinese Zodiac, which still doesn’t have a US distribution deal. The film earned $138 million at the mainland Chinese box office and as the film only cost $26 million, I can see where they would want to stay in the Jackie Chan business for a bit longer. Hopefully for Manhattan, which I am sure will get a name change once Woody Allen’s lawyers hear about it, Chan and complany will film in New York City and not try to pass off Vancouver as the Big Apple they way they tried in 1995’s Rumble In The Bronx. (Why are there mountains in the background?)

With both films and Expendables 3 slated for release in 2014, Chan is going to be fairly busy over the next several months.

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