Rumor: Dormammu, Baron Mordo, Mindless Ones “100% Confirmed” For DOCTOR STRANGE Villains

dr_strangeSo, our old friend over at Latino Review, El Mayimbe has given us, with “100% confirmation,” who the villains for the as yet still nebulous Doctor Strange film will be.

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Okay, “folks,” we have an admission. While we at FBOL have eaten enough movie theater popcorn to earn a key to the state of Nebraska, we are not starting a “gourmet popcorn salt” company. But if we did, or if we created any business venture, you wouldn’t read about it in this way. The above is a parody of  that El Mayimbe story we linked to above. Just like us, he hit up his readership for contributions for a “microbudget movie” in the second paragraph. Only difference is he wasn’t joking.

I doubt anyone in their right minds would consider El Mayimbe a professional journalist, but as a journalist, what he did was totally unprofessional. He lured his readers in with the promise of a spicy scoop, and then held them captive as he became a huckster for that film he’s making. Then, best of all, plays the guilt trip by saying the film will help pay for the site and keep the scoops coming. Shameful.

dormammu baron mordo mindless one
But what about that “scoop” of his? Well, it’s that the villains for the Doctor Strange film, which has yet to be officially announced by anyone, anywhere, will be Dormammu, Baron Karl Mordo and the Mindless Ones. This is only scoop for anyone who has never read an issue of a Doctor Strange comic book.

I mean, if the origin of Doctor Strange is going to skew anywhere near his comic book origin, Baron Mordo HAS to be in the film. He played a pivotal role in turning Stephen Strange into the Sorcerer Supreme. And Dormammu is arguably Dr. Strange’s biggest nemesis, and one that would create the most striking visuals for a film. And if you are including Dormammu, it’s logical you’ll have his go to lackeys The Mindless Ones along for the ride. This isn’t a scoop, per se, it’s posting a no-brainer to a computer screen. This is the most likely of all of El Mayimbe’s scoops to come to pass, and I’m sure he’ll crow about it if/when it does, but come on.

I’d assume we’ll find out if Doctor Strange is officially on the docket for Marvel in little under a month from now at San Diego Comic Con.

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