Del Toro, Pace And Gillan’s Roles In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Revealed

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One of the biggest mysteries, and therefore one of the biggest topics of speculation, to come from the Guardians of the Galaxy casting is who Benicio Del Toro, Lee Pace and Karen Gillan will be playing. Now, thanks to an unnamed “solid source” of Den of Geek, we might have a better idea of what role each actor will be taking on.

del toro collectorThe website states that Del Toro will be playing the Collector, and ancient “Elder of the Universe” with a penchant for collecting things–and people–that can serve his needs.  This was the role he was linked to from when his casting was first announced, so this is not at all surprising.

The character has been portrayed as a villain in the comics, after all, he kidnaps people and steals things as a way of life, but there has been an undercurrent added to the character over the years that states the Collector steals these items and people so that they can be used as weapons when the universe is under a great threat. Since Del Toro has been rumored to have signed a multiple picture deal, he could be the glue that brings Phase II together.

pace ronanLee Pace was also once rumored the play the Collector, was in the running to play the lead character Peter Quill, the Star-Lord in the film, and we debated as to whether or not he might be taking over the role of Thanos, but according to the source, Pace will be playing Ronan the Accuser.

Ronan the Accuser is a member of an advanced alien race called the Kree who have developed an empire across the universe. Ronan’s job is to enforce and interpret Kree law amongst all their colonies, and act to keep them safe, no matter who gets in the way. He eventually rose to be come leader of the Kree Empire. Like the Collector, he started out as villain but latter became more of an anti-hero in recent years.

The character was mentioned as being played by John C. Reilly briefly when a rumor site mistyped Reilly’s real character’s name, Rhomann, as Ronan.

Another interesting tidbit is that Ronan first appeared in the pages of Fantastic Four and has faced off against them on a number of occasions. Fox owns the rights to the FF and all their villains, which you could argue would include Ronan. Judging on how Fox has reacted to Marvel casting characters they we supposed to own, I expect that when Fox officially announces the FF reboot that has been in the works, they’ll have Ronan as a main villain of the film.

gillan nebulaKaren Gillan was pretty much confirmed by the Scottish Daily Mail as playing the Neil Gaiman creation Angela in the film. And I think it goes to show how unreliable the UK tabloids are because Den of Geek’s source says Gillan will be playing the space pirate Nebula in the film.

I would like to take this time to pat myself on the back as being the first, if not only, writer of film stuff to say that Nebula would be in the film. Granted, I mentioned it as a possible role for Ophelia Lovibond, and only based on that actress’ resemblance to the character. So, I wasn’t at all correct, but I was closer than other rumor sites with actual sources and I think I have just proven that I have the qualities the Scottish Daily Mail looks for in their writers.

Nebula is the self-professed  grand-daughter of Thanos and has allied herself with GotG member Gamora in the comics. She has also faced off against the Avengers in the comics, so could be another link in the Phase II chain. One assumes Lovibond will play to her original rumored role of assisting Del Toro’s Collector.

We should get confirmation next weekend at the Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con.


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