So Whatever Happened To Will Ferrell’s TALLADEGA NIGHTS Character?


Usually, if a movie character isn’t going to live “happily ever after” once the credits end, that usually becomes the providence of a sequel. But sometimes, filmmakers have an idea of what the future holds in store for their characters but don’t get the chance to tell that story.

This weekend, writer/director Adam McKay revealed to Sports Illustrated what happened to NASCAR superstar Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell’s character in the 2006 comedy Talladgea Nights. And well, life has not been necessarily kind to Bobby following his spectacular win against former Formula 1 driver Jean Girard. I won’t spoil the whole story, which you can read here, but it does involve a losing streak that ultimately has him downgraded from driving the prestigious Coke car to one sponsored by Bear Sterns and a rather unfortunate misunderstanding over his pit crew catch-can man Alfred “Al” Ah.

This is just the first in a series of posts that will run to the end of this week where Sports Illustrated has invited writers and directors to divulge what has happened to the sports figures that they brought to the silver screen. Head over there to find out the current whereabouts of the likes of Kingpin‘s Roy Munson, Karate Kid‘s Daniel Russo and Air Bud‘s Bud.

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