Are More Mutant Movies In The Works From FOX?

X-ForceIt looks like 20th Century Fox is taking a cue from Marvel Comics in the 1990s and expanding its mutant heroes into multiple properties.

Bleeding Cool announced today that Fox will use its  Saturday panel at San Diego Comic Con to announce that it will expand its Marvel Mutant license into a broad series of films.

There are plenty mutant properties for Marvel to choose from. At the height of comic book glut in August 1993, mutants appeared on 19 titles that Marvel published.  But it appears that the first non-X-Men property to come from Fox will be X-Force.

Fox has already registered the domain name and the Hollywood Reporter is stating that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow has been tapped to write the script for the film with an eye on directing.

X-Force first appeared in 1991 as the pet project of New Mutants artist Rob Liefeld. Liefeld took over the plotting duties, brought some members of the members of the New Mutants with him, added some mutant characters from other books, some of his own creations, and a militaristic, more proactive modus operandi.

The team underwent numerous incarnations from that time (as a matter of fact, Marvel currently publishes two X-Force books), so its anybody’s guess to exactly which characters will end up on the screen. But the film versions of the X-Men didn’t always jibe with the comic version anyway, so we might have a patchwork group in the movie.

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