Ryan Gosling And Zac Efron Rumored For STAR WARS EPISODE VII


As the start of production looms for Disney and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: Episode VII, director J. J. Abrams is deep in the process of casting. Surprisingly there hasn’t been much word as to who may be coming in to talking with the studio for roles in the upcoming sequel. But this evening, word is starting to circulate of two known actors who might be under consideration – Ryan Gosling And Zac Efron.

Oh wait, what’s that? The scoop is coming from Latino Review? Well, I guess we should probably take the story with more than just a grain of salt, given their uneven track record. LR seems to believe that Gosling was meeting to play a son of Luke Skywalker, but were unsure as to what role Efron may have been meeting for.

Besides, I am not sure that this rumor doesn’t even pass the sniff test. Gosling strikes me as possibly too big a name for the franchise and Efron, despite showing some decent acting chops in recent years, still sounds too ludicrous to even contemplate.

In just a few weeks, Disney will be holding their D23Expo and I expect that we’ll get our first casting announcements then. Until that time, we’ll probably get a few more rumors to wade through.

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