ROGER RABBIT Sequel Stalled


Last December we reported that Walt Disney was considering a script that Who Framed Roger Rabbit? director Robert Zemeckis had submitted to the studio for a possible sequel to his groundbreaking classic. The studio has come up with a decision that is probably not the thing that fans of the film may want to hear.

Speaking at San Diego Comic Con last week, Disney producer Don Hahn responded to a question about a second Roger Rabbit feature film by saying –

There have been scripts [for Roger Rabbit sequels & prequels] floating around for the past 25 years. There’s none actively in discussion right now.

So whatever script that Zemeckis submitted to the studio last year has apparently joined the same pile as The Toon Platoon and Who Discovered Roger Rabbit as tales we will not be told.

But is it for the best that there has never been a follow up to the film? Many classic films have existed just fine without any kind of sequel or franchise spinning off from them. Hahn seems to think, telling the audience at the panel –

I think that — in this day of multiple sequels — that it’s nice to have a movie that may possibly be just a one-off.

Via Jim Hill Media.

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