Will THOR: THE DARK WORLD Reshoots Expand Kat Dennings’ Supporting Role?


If you enjoyed Kat Denning’s comic relief character Darcy in Thor, then you are probably hoping that the rumors of her role being expanded for the sequel Thor: The Dark World turn out to be true. Dennings isn’t confirming the rumor, but she did tell IGN that she was returning to London for some pickup shooting featuring her character.

Yeah, yes. I mean I don’t know how they edit anything, so who knows. I was careful in the first one to underplay everything in case they cut me out of it, but we’re about to do some reshoots, so we’ll see.

Dennings doesn’t elaborate what scenes would be included in the shooting and was reportedly elusive when asked. The film is also rumored to have a majority of its story take place off Earth on Asgard and the otherworldly realms that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his ilk frequent. We know that Thor’s love Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) will be accompanying him on his travels and adventures in the film and the trailer has given us a shot of Darcy remaining on Earth as Thor and Jane transport to Asgard. Does Darcy later join them off-Earth later in the film or is there more of the story taking place on Earth than previously thought?

We’ll find out when Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8.

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