New Releases: August 7, 2013

were-the-millers-poster 1. We’re The Millers (Warner Brothers, 3,150+ Theaters, 110 Minutes, Rated R): And so begins the film career of Jason Sudekis. The actor has announced that he won’t be coming back to Saturday Night Live next season while on the publicity tour for this film. I guess we’ll see how good a decision that is come Monday.

The story is about a drug dealer (Sudekis) who gets hired to move a large quantity of marijuana from Mexico into the United States.  He comes up with a great idea to get the contraband past Customs: He’ll shave and put on a polo and pretend to be a Winnebago driving tourist. To further sell the cover, he hires a stripper (Jennifer Aniston, which means this will be yet another in a long line of film strippers who don’t go down any lower than a bra and panties), a runaway (Emma Roberts) and his weirdo neighbor (Will Poulter) to act as his wife and children. But things do not go as easy as planned, as the quartet runs into problems ranging from tarantulas to drug cartels to wife-swapping fellow RVers.

The trailer was funny, but will it be enough to rise the film above the typical road trip comedy? We’ll see.

Percy_Jackson _Sea_of_Monsters_132. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (Fox, 2,800 Theaters, 106 Minutes, Rated PG): The first Percy Jackson film, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief,
opened at #2 in the country and was $7 million shy of its production budget in domestic receipts. However, it made enough overseas to bring the second book in Rick Riordan’s series to the big screen.

A tree that protects Camp Half-Blood has been poisoned. Half-blood demigod and camper Percy (Logan Lerman) must travel to the Sea of Monsters to retrieve the legendary Golden Fleece, the only thing that can revived the tree and return the camp to safety.

FBOL Head Honcho Rich Drees has seen the film and his review can be found right here. Based on that review, a third installment of the franchise might not be in the cards.

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