Max Landis Tweets About What His CHRONICLE Sequel Would Have Been About


When Max Landis tweeted the news last month that he would not be writing the sequel to his superhero found-footage film Chronicle, he sounded understand disappointed. And now that he has tweeted about what his screenplay was going to be about, I imagine that there are a lot of fans of the first film who will be disappointed as well after reading the following –

From just these small bits, it sounds like Landis has put a lot of careful thought into the world he initially created in the first Chronicle screenplay and was looking forward to exploring it in further depth and in ways that haven’t really been done before in a superhero genre film. And while I suppose we should be grateful that Twentieth Century Fox invested the $12 million it cost to make the first film, it is obvious that the $126 million that the film brought in at the box office is causing them to be very hands on with the sequel. And by hands on, I mean incredibly reluctant to deviate too far from the story of the first film.

In the meantime, the studio has either hired or are still looking for a writer to take over the project. No doubt we’ll find out who has landed the job at some point. More than likely, it will be whomever develops a story idea that the studio deems a safe enough variant on the original to try and not scare fans away from the box office. But with director Josh Trank off working on Fantastic Four for the studio and Landis off the projet, I know that my enthusiasm for a Chronicle sequel is virtually non-existent at this point.

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