Bradley Cooper Rumored To Voice GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY’s Rocket Raccoon

bradley-cooperThe cast for Marvel Studio’s Guardians Of The Galaxy has been set for some time now, with one glaring exception. Who will be providing the voice of the fan-favorite character Rocket Raccoon? A number of names have been rumored and director James Gunn has been promising an announcement “soon,” but that was over a month ago.

A rumor has floated overnight that none other than Bradley Cooper has been approached by Marvel with an offer of the role.

Of course, this rumor is coming from Latino Review and their “trusty sources,” so the usual application of a grain or two of salt applies. Previously, the site had such names as Adam Sandler and Jim Carey linked to unspecified roles in the movie, and we know how “trusty” that rumor turned out to be.

The site also gives themselves the usual escape hatch that it isn’t known if Cooper will accept the alleged offer or not, so if Marvel announces someone else in the role, they have some somewhat plausible deniability.

Personally, I doubt this rumor because it is just doesn’t feel to me that Cooper’s persona fits the character at all. I expect director James Gunn is having a chuckle over all this and we’ll get the true casting sometime soon.

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