Is Max Landis About To Pitch WONDER WOMAN To Warner Brothers?

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Reddit has a feature called AMA, or Ask Me Anything, where people from all walks of life can go on there and the Reddit community can ask them, well, anything. Two nights ago, Max Landis (Chronicle) couldn’t get to sleep and decided to start up an AMA. Along the way, Landis’ love of the WWE and comic books came into focus, but what got the most attention was something he said about a certain Amazing Amazon that got the Internet buzzing.

Landis was asked which superhero concept he would like to work on. This was his answer:

Either a version of Green Lantern that played like ET meets Stand By Me using the goth/punk seen and Kyle Raynor, or Wonder-Woman, using a pitch that I intend to make to WB.

While that Green Lantern idea seems like it would have the sense an awe and wonder that the version we got was lacking, the fact that Landis appears ready to official pitch his idea for a Wonder Woman film to Warner Brothers is what got fans all aflutter.

Of course, we must note that this was all Landis said about the pitch in his AMA. It was never addressed again. We don’t know if Warners asked Landis to pitch, if this is a blind pitch that Landis will be making, or if Landis was serious about making a pitch at all. But there is a reason why fans are getting excited.

First, Landis is a talented writer who is a comic geek and would do well with the character and the concept. He is also a hot name in Hollywood nowadays, so his being interested might make a film more of a possibility.

Second, Wonder Woman is DC Entertainment’s third biggest character, right after Batman and Superman. She has a wide reaching and immense fan base that would love to see her on the big screen. The fact that she’s not up there already seems like a travesty.

But Warners supposedly has cold feet about the character, the conventional thinking being that they believe an action oriented film with a female lead won’t sell tickets, regardless if the lead is Wonder Woman or not. But if she is going to be part of the Justice League film, it seems like a solo film is merely an eventuality.

Also, in the same AMA, Landis said the Marvel film he’d most like to make would be a “1970s gritty blaxploitation Heroes For Hire movie” and the comic book story he’d like to adapt would be Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Batman: The Long Halloween. Heroes for Hire has been mentioned as a possible future Marvel film and Landis’ take on the property is spot on. So, Warners, you might want to lock Landis in quick.

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