Jamie Foxx On AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s Villains: “Yes, They Actually Talked About It, The Sinister Six”

AMZ-Ann1The producers of the Amazing Spider-Man films haven’t been shy about hinting that the Sinister Six might be appearing the the new series of films, even going so far as to release a photo a few weeks ago of Avi Arad sitting in front of a soundstage marked “Sinster 6.” But we have not heard anything official about the villain team officially appearing being in the works.

That is, until now.

Jamie Foxx spoke to Total Film in what appears to be a promotional interview for White House Down and he was asked about the Sinister Six directly. This is what he had to say:

Yes, they actually talked about it, the Sinister Six. So, fingers crossed, because when you think about it, electricity never dies, it just goes to a different place.

Not only does it seem that the powers that be are planning an appearance of the Sinister Six in a future film, but also that Foxx’s Electro might not make it out of Amazing Spider-Man 2 alive.

Why is the Sinister Six so important? Well, when they first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, they were a group of Spidey villains (Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and the Vulture) who became tired of being beat up by Spider-man individually decided to team-up in the hopes of defeating him. It was a relatively fresh idea at the time, and the concept was so appealing it became a fan favorite over the years.


While that specific line-up probably will not make an appearance as the film version of the Sinister Six, we have some idea who might make the cut.

  • The Lizard: Rhys Ifans character appears to be part of a larger conspiracy involving Peter Parker. It’s pretty certain he’ll be back.
  • That Mysterious Guy in Amazing Spider-Man’s Post-Credits scene (AKA The Stranger): We don’t know exactly who he is, but he seems to be part of Osborn’s organization. Maybe it could be revealed that he is Mysterio?
  • Electro: Jamie Foxx all but confirmed it.
  • Rhino: Paul Giamatti’s take on the character reportedly has a small part in the next installment, but will play a bigger role in AS-M 3 & 4.
  • Green Goblin: Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) will be introduced in the next film, and I can’t see him not playing a part as the Green Goblin at some point.
  • Green Goblin II/ Hobgoblin: Dale DeHaan is playing Harry Osborn, who took over the mantle of Green Goblin in the comics and Hobgoblin in the Raimi films.
  • Black Cat: Felicity Jones  was rumored to be playing the Black Cat for a while, but all that she confirmed was that she was playing “the Goblin’s girlfriend” and she was on the bad side.
  • Someone else entirely: I doubt the Sinister Six will be fully formed in time for AS-M 3, so that film could possibly introduce another villain (or two, or three) that could make their way into the final line-up. Perhaps, since they seem to be favoring villains not seen in the Raimi trilogy, The Vulture or Kraven? Or can they bear to have a Sinister Six without Doctor Octopus? We’ll see.

The clip with the interview appears below. It also features Channing Tatum staking claim to the role of Gambit in the X-Men films. I doubt the fact that Taylor Kitsch already played the character in the Fox films will stop them from getting Tatum’s people on the phone.

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