See An Alternate Look For Galactus For RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER


There were a lot of things to be disappointed by in the 2007 comic book adaptation Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer and for some fans one of those things was the non-appearance of the interstellar entity known as Galactus. Although his herald, the Silver Surfer, was the main focus of the superhero sequel, many were hoping that the dreaded “Devourer of Worlds” would show up in the film for more than just the few tantalizing glimpses we got during the film’s finale.

It turns out that during the film’s development, there was much thought given to how much Galactus would be an active part in the film’s story. And to that end, some concept art was created by Daniel J. Cox to show how he could possibly be portrayed. As you can see below, Cox was working variations on a theme in which Galactus towers over a city, partly obscured by skyscrapers.

Personally, I always felt that director Tim Story was setting himself up to disappoint by choosing to attempt to do a story involving Galactus. The character is a great one for comics, but I am unsure as to how well it could ever be translated to a live action film. Would general audiences buy into a hundreds of feet tall guy in a purple skirt and a tuning fork for a hat as a credible menace? Of course, the direction that Story went in – having Galactus being just vaguely glimpsed through swirling clouds of energy – was bound to not only disappoint but anger fans.

Now Story has reportedly stated that the reason that they kept Galactus obscured so that he could be revealed in a planned spinoff film featuring the Silver Surfer. And that spinoff’s screenwriter, J. Michael Straczynski, had stated that Galactus would be featured prominently in the film and would be seen. But it strikes me that Story was more likely just kicking the problem down the road a bit, where it became moot in the wake of Rise Of The Silver Surfer‘s lackluster box office and critical reception.






Via Film Sketchr.

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January 26, 2014 3:21 pm

I had such high hopes at the time that the tiny glimpse we got of Galactus at the end of FF2 was setting the stage for FF3. Sad that that did not come to pass. Even more sad that the Fantastic Four, Marvel’s flagship title, thereafter became a Timothy Dalton.