New Releases: October 4, 2013

Gravity-2013-Movie-Poster 1. Gravity (Warner Brothers, 3,575 Theaters, 90 Minutes, Rated PG-13): Everyone must have seen an ad for this film (if not, click below). It is an almost perfect piece of advertising. It’s dynamic. It’s grabs you attention. It makes you want to know more.

Of course, it has to be said that one of the things you want to know more of is if Sandra Bullock’s character will spend the whole movie floating slowly to her death. Apparently not.

The film is about novice Bullock joining experienced astronaut George Clooney on a mission in space. When a satellite explodes, it causes a chain reaction that disables their space craft and leaves them without a ride home.The pair must find a way to survive in space long enough for help to arrive.

runner_runner2. Runner Runner (Fox, 3,024 Theaters, 91 Minutes, Rated R): If it wasn’t for a certain announcement a few weeks ago, this film might have just slipped in and out of theaters unnoticed.

But Warners’ had to go and cast Ben Affleck as Batman, and this, his first acting job since the announcement, will probably be scrutinized by fanboys to see if his acting chops have gotten better since Gigli.

The film focuses on a Princeton grad student named Ritchie (Justin Timberlake) who tracks down an online gambling tycoon named Ivan (Affleck) who he thinks swindled him. To make amends, Ivan offers to bring Ritchie into the business. Unfortunately, Ritchie soon finds out that he signed on for much more than he bargained for, that Ivan is more dangerous than he let on. Complicating matters, the FBI wants Ritchie to help bring Ivan down from the inside.

In other words, it’s the second rehashing of The Firm this year. Since the last one, Paranoia, died a quick and painful death at the box office, it might take more than Batfleck curiosity to keep this one afloat.

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