Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson Playing Quicksilver in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON?

AaronQuickSilverOh, El Mayimbe! Has it come to this? Really?

So, our favorite, often-incorrect Internet film rumor monger, El Mayimbe has a new hit-baiting article up at Latino Review titled “EXCLUSIVE: It’s Official! Aaron Johnson Cast As QuickSilver in ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’”

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Confirmation of the long rumored casting? Right after Samuel L. Jackson inadvertently announced Elizabeth Olsen was part of the cast? Casting announcements are coming fast and furious right!

The only problem is, El Mayimbe doesn’t say where he got the official confirmation from. The only thing he cites is a Total Film article from August featuring an interview with Taylor-Johnson. An article where the second sentence, THE SECOND SENTENCE, is this:

While Taylor-Johnson was keen to point out his that he was still in talks and had not officially, signed on for the role, he has clearly been doing his research

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. For proof that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has officially signed as Quicksilver, El Mayimbe uses a two-month old article that goes out of its way to point out that he HAS NOT SIGNED to play Quicksilver.

I mean, El Mayimbe, as I write this, has no other sources for this information that the Total Film article from August. Not even a “my insiders tell me.” Nothing.

And the only other news articles about Taylor-Johnson’s casting are all ones that refer to the Latino Review article. The most recent interview with Taylor-Johnson was done with USA Today on September 30th and nary a mention of Quicksilver was made.

Maybe he has signed and El Mayimbe did get the scoop. It sounds like Taylor-Johnson definitely was in talks and it appears he is really interested in the role. But El Mayimbe has given us nothing except an outdated article as his proof of the official casting.

So, congratulations, El Mayimbe. You have garnered a lot of linkbacks over nothing at all. It’s like magic.

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