Is Shooting For BATMAN/SUPERMAN Starting This Weekend?

superman-vs-batman-worlds-finest-logo-sliceEven though the sequel to Man of Steel is not set to open until July17, 2015, filming on the film, currently referred to as Batman/Superman, might actually begin this weekend. Maybe.

250px-WeingartStadium1A story that originated on the East Los Angeles College Campus News and has been picked up by many other news outlets states that the production will be coming to East Los Angeles College’s Weingart Stadium to film a scene detailing a football game between Metropolis State University and Gotham City University. The filming will take place during halftime of the game this Saturday night between East Los Angeles College and Victor Valley College. The production is looking for extras, preferably amongst the student body, and the first 2,000 people in the stands located in the filming area will get a free T-shirt designed by Zack Snyder.

On the surface, the story seems to have a lot of merit. Having appeared in college’s newspaper, the news story has an air of accuracy. And if you are filming a college football game, it makes sense to film it at a college during football season. But there are some red flags as well.

Like, why do you need extras when you have a full stadium of people to chose from? And wouldn’t Gotham City University have a stadium slightly bigger than the 20,000 capacity Weingart Stadium? Like, maybe the 90,000 capacity Rose Bowl or the 93,000 capacity Los Angeles Colosseum, home to the UCLA Bruins and the USC Trojans, respectively? And isn’t GCU’s color scheme of black and yellow a little too close to the Gotham Rogues’ color scheme in The Dark Knight Rises? Speaking of which, wouldn’t this be going to the “football game” well a bit too often?

I guess we’ll find out more after this weekend. Keep an eye out, all our Los Angeles readers.

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