What Is Ben Kingsley’s “Secret Marvel Job?”


Being that Ben Kingsley is portraying a military commander in Ender’s Game, you’d think he’d be up on the term “loose lips sink ships.” Apparently not, because Sir Ben’s lips have been pretty loose on the promotional tour for that film.

Kingsley spoke with the Belfast Telegraph as part of Ender’s Game‘s publicity tour, and he told the news outlet that he had just finished a “secret Marvel project” that reunited him with many of the crew members he worked with on Iron Man 3. The actor did not divulge more that that and the Telegraph got a big no comment from Kevin Feige about the project, except that it apparently exists.

Everyone knows that Kingsley starred in Iron Man 3 as the face of a terrorist organization. Those that saw the film know that by the end of the movie, the chances of his returning as that character appeared to rest somewhere between slim and none.

This leaves me with several options as too what this project entails. One option might be that  Kingsley filmed a prequel of sorts showing how his character got to where he was in Iron Man 3 to be added as a “One-Shot” for Thor: The Dark World‘s Blu-Ray release. Another might be the second post-credits scene for the theatrical release of that film (which was hinted to involve “Shreddies” a British colloquialism for shredded wheat, which would fit Kingsley’s character from Iron Man 3, as you know if you saw the film). Or maybe there will be another cinematic crossover in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where Kingsley will cameo.

It’s anybody’s guess, but I guess option two from above. Since there isn’t that long a turn around time for “One-Shots,” odds are we’ll see Kingsley’s part sooner rather than later, perhaps as soon as November 8th.



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