David S. Goyer Signs Three-Year, First Look Deal With Warners

David Goyer imageDeadline is reporting that Warner Brothers has signed David S. Goyer and his Phantom Four shingle to a three-year, first look deal. This means that the studio will have the first right of refusal for any project Phantom Four comes up with next three years.

The deal is a win-win for both sides. Goyer will now know that he doesn’t have to shop around his projects quite as much as he would have, and Warners keeps theĀ Warner Brothers writer and co-writer of the Nolan Batman trilogy close and happy.

Phantom Four is Goyer’s producing and directing company, meaning that it isn’t exclusively an outlet for his writing. Anything Warners gets from this deal will only be produced by Goyer, most likely directed by him, but likely not written by him.

Goyer is the one constant in Warner’s string of successful DC Comics adaptations. He is the writer for the forthcoming Batman/Superman film, will be working on Justice League after that, and Warners is rumored to be doing another property Goyer was once linked to, The Flash, in between. Perhaps this deal is a way to make Goyer the Joss Whedon of the DC films at Warners?

The first project to come out of this agreement might be a sci-fi flavored Hitchcockian thriller written by Doug Jung that Goyer has eyes on directing.

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