Did Harrison Ford Use Han Solo To Get INDIANA JONES 5?

250px-Indy_promoIf you’re like me, then Han Solo was your favorite part of the Star Wars franchise. And the prospect of him being played by anyone else than Harrison Ford would be sacrilege.  Well, it seems that Ford used this to his advantage in his attempts to get another shot at playing Professor Henry Jones.

Jedi News is quoting a source that states that Ford has had a verbal agreement to return to the role that made him famous since before Disney bought Lucasfilms in October of 2011, but the actual nitty gritty was ironed out over the summer, and Ford wanted certain guarantees before he officially signed. And one of his qualifications was that the powers that be would commit to a fifth Indian Jones film.

According to the website, he didn’t get that exactly, since no script exists for the project. What he did get get was a promise that at least an outline for the film would be finished by the end of 2014, and if everyone likes that, the next Indy film would be fast tracked for a 2016 release.

Ford also wanted to see what the plans were for Han’s development in the new sequels before he signed off on any deal. Apparently, they showed him a synopsis of the character arc in August, and he liked what he saw.

All of this apparently was good enough for Ford to sign on for a multi-picture deal, meaning that not only will Han return for Episode VII, but also Episode VIII, IX and perhaps more.

Of course, this is just a rumor. It’s a great rumor, but a rumor nonetheless. As such, it’s now my turn to poke possible holes in it.

Like, pointing out that as far as I know, the Indiana Jones rights are owned jointly by Disney and Paramount, and both have to sign off on any potential sequel. In other words, having Disney guaranteeing that a new Indiana Jones film will be made is nice and all, but it won’t be made unless Paramount agrees to it as well.

Less of an obstacle but still a warning flag is the rumor that the script for Episode VII is in the process of being rewritten by J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan as we speak. This is rumored to be a complete overhaul, so whatever synopsis Ford got back in the summer, if there was one, might be moot. Although, the reworking could keep Han’s character arc the same as the synopsis Ford saw.


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